25 years of Pablo Rueda Lara Museum
23rd March to Sunday 16th June, 2019

For this Jubilee Exhibition, 25 of his best ceramic pieces have been put together – they are the highlights, spanning several themes. There is no lack of religion in this exhibition and it is portrayed through Pablo's view of the church: the church that even today is still in the news because of misunderstandings.

He has won a lot of admiration both at home and abroad. We are so proud that last year, on the 21st September, thanks to the hard work and close cooperation of the city council, Pablo's family and myself, we opened a museum in his name in the village where he was born, Castillo de Locubín:

You can see part of the documentary that was made about Pablo's life on YouTube. In this documentary he gives a further insight into his background, and what drove and inspired him to create his ceramics.

Also, it is almost certain that later this year a permanent section of the KunstaanZ Museum in Deventer will be opened, dedicated to Pablo's Ceramics.

It is fantastic that these developments have taken place, especially in this Jubilee Year.
I had even more wishes on my list, but unfortunately I haven't been able to make all of them come true. Nevertheless, I look back on these last 25 years with a very happy feeling, together with the people who have supported me and helped me to make all of this possible.

The exhibitions were made possible thanks to the good cooperation I have received from the private owners and the museums. Without them, none of this would have been possible. I am very honoured to able to invite you to this Jubilee Exhibition: come on in and enter the extraordinary Realistic Ceramic World of Pablo.